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To have sex with.
Bleepy sex0rs VaCiLe.
by TK April 12, 2003
to be totally pissed off at someone

hunters used to kill ducks with ease or "fuck up the duck" now "fuck-a-duch"
FUCK-A-DUCK! i cant believe that lil' slut
by TK February 17, 2005
This is known as Munging in some circles
By eating the excretion from the dead womans vagina, Dennis verified all of his friends beliefs that he was a real Munger.
by TK March 28, 2005
The blackest, niggiest gang of all time. The cops hate the nigs of comptan, they always startin shit.
U hear about that drive by the otha day?
Yea man, comptan was behind that shizzy. Their AK's ripped up those muthafuckas.
by TK December 30, 2004
One who loves to munch on vagina
Flip is such a pac-man
by TK March 24, 2005
This word meana something that is the coolest, most sexy, best, extraordinary thing you have ever heard/seen/eaten/smelled/smoked/touched/made/anything and everything.
"Damn man! That is fucking Shazzahazzabadazzah!"

"Wow dude, she is Shazzahazzabadazzah"

"I took a huge Shazzahazzabadazzah"


"Today was Shazzahazzabadazzah"
by TK November 23, 2003
Dankers is when, you smell your peng an it hits yo face like cs gas
yo boy snow white an her 7 lil chemists been playin with that danker s*it
by tk March 25, 2004
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