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6 definitions by titmouse

Shortened form for a "mickey finn." Used to describe surepticiously slipping someone drugs, poison, laxative, etc. - usually in one's drink. Commonly believed to be named after notorious Chicago pickpocket, thief and bartender - Mickey Finn.
" He slipped her a mickey so he could get his date rape on."
by titmouse August 01, 2006
A certain type of van with no windows on the sides, usually from the 70's or 80's, and in poor asthetic condition. Implies that it is the type of ride often chosen by a rapist.
"How's Tony gonna pick up any trim driving around in that damn rape van!"
by titmouse August 01, 2006
Derogatory term used to describe one's crappy local community college. The community college is seen as both lacking in real collegiate educational value and additionally using no discretion in its acceptance of every single applicant. It is described as the 13th grade to imply that it is merely an extension of public high school. It is considered only one step above going to beauty school or training in air conditioning and refrigeration repair.
"Judy didn't get accepted by Trenton State, so she's going to the 13th grade"
by titmouse August 01, 2006
slang term for a rolled marijuana cigarette.
"I sure do like to smoke me a magic jay bone!"
by titmouse August 01, 2006
Slang term for a woman's vagina. Possibly British in origin. Simply, a "wrinkle" in which one might put one's jimmy.
"My girlfriend has not shaved her jimmy wrinkle for many days."
by titmouse July 31, 2006
An ambitious alternative to the short con. The mark is money rich and a bit less gullible than a short con mark. It's risky and takes experience running con games. Up front bait cash and a seasoned crew are often necessary. Be ready to walk away because the stakes are high. Called the long white con because it takes a long lead time to earn the mark's trust and it is a playing field traditionally reserved for white folks, although that is no longer the case. Popularized by novelist Iceberg Slim.
That real estate developer lost his fortune due to a long white con pulled on his ass.
by titmouse October 28, 2007