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"RAE" is a word describing a girl who is most likely a tomboy or the girl next door. A Rae has more guy friends than girl friends. Rae is equal to the name Gwen, like Gwen Stefani in her no doubt days. A rae is often dressed in tomboy clothes, involving both indie,retro and vintage looks.
"Man, look at that Rae"
"Yah, somtimes Raes' get me horny"
"yah, just like a Gwen"
"yes, like a gwen stefani in her no doubt era"
by tite5 February 17, 2008
a family name that has been mostly found in canada,france and lebanon. Have the charcteristics of an Italian Mafia.
"Holy shit, look at the pack of people"
"Crap, Sourayas' lets get out of here"
by tite5 February 17, 2008
- A family name, found in France, North America, Turkey, Lebanon and Italy, most of these roots are mediteranian. Charecteristics of this name is a strong one much like a Italian mafia.
"SHIT the sourayas are here"
"lets go"
by tite5 May 03, 2009
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