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One who pleases his girlfriend sexually, but never gets hand or blow jobs in return, also known as the lonely scuba.
Quinton: Have you gotten your nut with Sarah yet?
Nick: No, she won't return any of my favors if you catch my drift.
Quinton: Man, you're a little poon piper bitch.
by titansfreak12 May 03, 2012
the act of forcing one's boner into a woman's nose, then repeatedly kicking her in the meat wallet. also called the strangled frog
Matt:" Dude, she was totally down for the Baker Quaker!"
Ben: "Well, did u do it?"
Matt: "Yeah, until she sneezed...."
by titansfreak12 January 04, 2011
Shaving one's pubic area, but not the balls, gooch, or ass crack, leaving a hammock of pubic hairs where the sun don't shine. This is predominant in French women and obese people.
Bryan: So how'd that date go last night?
Kevin: Well we went back to her place, and I tried going down on her...
Bryan: Well, what happened?
Kevin: I saw her Puerto Rican hammock and ran out of her house.
by titansfreak12 May 03, 2012
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