11 definitions by tinkerbell

when some gets shit on ttheir dick from anal
dude i got shitdick from last night with brad.
by tinkerbell December 04, 2003
ELLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (eleanor)
Ellie loves Tinkerbell so much and has so much Tinkerbell stuff that she is sometimes reffered to as Tinkerbell!
by tinkerbell March 24, 2004
lampin is just when your 'chillin' with your 'homeboys' smokin a blunt of something of that nature.
-"Whats good?"
~"Just lampin wit my man Greg"
by TinkerBell July 14, 2004
An emotionally stunted male who views himself as God's gift women, insinuates himself into unwanted conversation with women in a social setting, and when he can't get a desired response from you, will invariably hit on your girlfriend.
Quick Mindy! Here comes that "Ladies man!"
by tinkerbell February 12, 2005

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