20 definitions by tim-tim

a large crap, dump or pooping event

full fourt press
Jethro ate wings and watermelon all night long. I bet he gonna have a huge order when he get up for work.
by tim-tim April 30, 2004
the grainy, hard stubble that grows a few days after a hot momma shaves her down under
my girl was smooth and slick friday but tha damn ho had a villiage growin' by monday - that shit scratched me up
by tim-tim April 07, 2004
dingleberries, left over scrogglings
I went to toss my girl's salad and all I ran into some mulch
by tim-tim April 07, 2004
someone who disposes of a dead body.
after they whacked that stoolie, they called in the mover to finish up.
by tim-tim April 07, 2004
Dirty, Grimy, nasty grocery store feet
that ho is skainchy, she need a bath
by tim-tim April 23, 2004
launching your code inside a bitch.
I was out of condoms and didn't feel like pulling out, so I filled in the blank.
by tim-tim April 27, 2004
The immediate reaction when the alcohol wears off and you learn the true "beauty" of the girl from last night.
damn, dawg... I woke up with hangover and looked at the girl I brought home. Then I had to wrench.
by tim-tim April 07, 2004
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