20 definitions by tim-tim

to take a girls' virginity
I ransacked that tight high school chick after my party
by tim-tim April 07, 2004
kill, murder, whack
that negro's gonna get erased if he keeps hollerin' at my sista and my momma
by tim-tim April 07, 2004
the pinkish/brown mole just above the vaginal area that appears after a white woman shaves.
I grabbed Lois' grocery store feet and sread her legs apart as I trampled her on the sofa after winning the bowling tourney.

Just before our eyes met, I caught a glimpse of the shuckle that was three inches above her glory hole and then I vomited.
by tim-tim April 28, 2004
When you lie on your back between the chair and the ottoman and your lover straddles you and pees on you while reading the newspaper
When I got home last night, my wife gave me a golden gate bridge
by tim-tim April 07, 2004
The guy in your office that craps himself to death three or four times per day.
I herr dey be settin' up a computer in the bathroom for that pipe layer two cubicles over, cuz he's always in there doin some kind of work.
by tim-tim April 23, 2004
the wealthiest homeless person on the street.
Damn, that clang got a sweet refrigerator box to live in!
by tim-tim April 23, 2004
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