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You dumb fuck! it's spelt haemoglobin! Twat!!!
I'm a spack that can't spell haemoglobin!
by tim mitchell July 04, 2003
a prostitute, someone that sells their vagina
I hop she's a fanny flogger, man!
by Tim Mitchell July 12, 2003
rubbing your breasts on a radio microphone. made popular by the english Sara Cox.
by tim mitchell June 28, 2003
the toilet
i'm gonna use the bogatorium
by tim mitchell June 28, 2003
a lesbian
you are a rug muncher
by tim mitchell June 21, 2003
she's gooooood!
oh yeh1 i had yo moma last night
by tim mitchell June 29, 2003
Used by the geeky guy in the film Road Trip. To have sex with someone.
Man, i boinked her good!
by tim mitchell July 08, 2003

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