355 definitions by tim

a hot jewish girl hot hebrew honey
dam she's triple h
by tim March 07, 2004
when an old man gets his cock caught in his old lady's bush
damn lady FORREST GUMP
by tim September 06, 2003
What gay people wordantiochword california
you nugga i'z be from yoc
by Tim September 09, 2003
Wet seal is basically when you slap a girl in the face with your semi-hard dick. Variations include a facial THEN a wet seal, or a wet seal followed quickly by another wet seal in the other direction. Whenever wet seals are performed, they must be declared. You must let the person know that they have been wet sealed. This also applies to the non-literal definition of wet seal in which you just make someone look like an idiot.
You've just been wet sealed!
by Tim April 03, 2005
Offering one's ass for an evening of sexual delight.

Exposing a female's rear quarters for access to her pleasure areas
I told Sally, "enough with the small talk, pop the trunk and let's get this party started."
by Tim March 18, 2005
It is a waste of time to try and classify all of the bands in the world but if you did most of the good ones would come under the group heading of METAL.

Punk (im talkingh real punk, not 'my girlfriend left me' shit) is kind of like metal except with most of the goodness talken out and replaced with Dee-dee Ramone (who has a face so hideous that when he looked in the mirror he died) and is therefore rarely ever good.

Dark Throne is not metal, see its definition for details.
'Heavy metal is the law'

'I am quite gay, i am going to listen to some non-metal'
by Tim December 03, 2003
The greatest military leader of all time he lead the defence of vietnam against the French, Japanese and the Americans.
i hate townies stupid scum townies
by Tim March 05, 2005

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