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Little twelve year olds ussually spam it around in all chats they can. Dutch word for 'yo mama'

Word will always be used to retalliate on you see the e.g.
ME : Damn, your soooo lame...
IT : Je moeder...
by Tidus April 30, 2003
A lame Socom player who thinks people care about stupid stunts like this. See also "Waste of Space"
by Tidus May 04, 2003
Crowd Control, often used in mmorpg's.

It means that you can stop a mob from attacking you a most of the time partly or totally immobillize the mob.
Damn stupid dragon, I tried to cc him bu he resisted!
by Tidus April 30, 2003
1) Hindi adjective, which I've heard translated as "Bloody dickhead".
1) In a chatroom: Why is noone talking?
You are all gandoz.
by tidus May 30, 2005
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