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Indian for "asshole". A swear-word
Abey gaandu, tu kya kar raha hai idhar?
(Hey asshole, what are u doing here?)
by Tom Cruise August 05, 2003
an offensive term for a homosexual-males. not linked to a particular trait of homosexual just abuse for gays!
by shebz May 18, 2004
Gaandu is derived from the Hindi word Gaand. Traditionally Gaand means the Ass. Gaand is a noun and Gaandu is an adjective.
Mainly Gaandu is referred to a gentleman who licks someone else's Ass or Gaand in order to get benefits. It can also be referred to someone who gives his Ass for the same thing.
Mast marks laya hai Gandu! Party de!

Kahan Gaand marwane gaya tha Gaandu???
#gaand #chut #bhosdee #chutiya #behenchod
by DeadlyScholar August 06, 2011
The word comes from another asian word gaand(ass/anus), meaning darpok or coward. Also used to abuse people.
Gaandu teri itni fatati kyu hai(U coward... ).
Gaandu kyu apni maa chod raha hai.(Gaandu why are u fucking ur mom)
#fucker #motherfucker #madarchod #bhosadi ke #behenchod
by bhanu December 09, 2007
if a whistling sort of voice is coming from ur asshole than u r this
abey gaandu choot marwayega kya!
abey gaandu chutiya ho gaya hai kya!
by gaurav pawar February 06, 2004
1) Hindi adjective, which I've heard translated as "Bloody dickhead".
1) In a chatroom: Why is noone talking?
You are all gandoz.
by tidus May 30, 2005
an insult that means you move like Gandi and you're gumby,
but youre a "dude" about it, via:
you're the man gaandu
if someone runs like theyre wearing gumboots whilst running, you laugh and say "you're the man gaandu "
by stevo November 28, 2004
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