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A metal pole that was pushed up and out of the earth from hell by the devil himself.
The government make money out of them with the pathetic excuse of saving lives. Because of these devices there are less police on the road to look for the more dangerous unregistered, unlicensed or drunk drivers.
"Lets put another GATSO on a strait section of downhill A-road to "save lives"......and make millions of £ more revenue!" - DFT.
by tickle-me-elmo September 14, 2005
A person in Sydney who works in the city or inner west, but live in the outer western suburbs.
They have a long commute in the shitty Parramatta Rd/M4 peak hour traffic, and have to squint in the rising sun in the morning and/or setting sun in the evening.
Dave: Whilst sipping a beer...."The squinters never come to the pub after work!"
Scott: "That’s because it takes the dickheads nearly 2 hours to drive home!"
by tickle-me-elmo September 14, 2005

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