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2 definitions by thtswhtshesai6d9

"Nigger Tits" is an alternate curse word. It can be used as a variation of; shit, piss, damn it, fuck, or balls. Has nothing to do with a black person or her tits, however it isn't to be said around mixed company. It's usually said with an exclamatory inflection.
Person 1: Did you see that?!
Person 2: NIGGER TITS!!

Person 1: What's for Dinner?
Person 2: Liver...
Person 1: awww, NIGGER TITS!!

Person 1: Did you see the size of his chode?!
Person 2: Yeah, freakin NIGGER TITS!
by thtswhtshesai6d9 July 10, 2008
A polite way of calling someone a dumbass. You can use "DJ" as a prelude to any type of burn, however DJ Wiener Face has shown to be a prodominant choice amongst teens.
Shutup DJ Wiener Face

Alright, DJ Wiener Face *sarcasm*

Damn! Look at, DJ Chode Face over here
by thtswhtshesai6d9 May 28, 2008