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A Turner Special is the name given to someone who adds extra pieces of food to a standard meal which have no relevance or connection to the meal itself and which makes the portion size of the meal supersized!
A meal of fish, chips and peas

A turner special would be -
Fish, chips and peas with added extras - southern fried chicken breast, hash browns, potato waffles and an egg

These extra pieces of food have no right to be on the plate and ruin a traditional tasty meal!
by threedeckstew June 15, 2009
A rusty pigeon is a sexual practise which involves have anal sex with your partner, and then receiving a blowjob job as you ejaculate. The movement of the girls head moves back and forth in the style of pigeon as she gulps down the seamen.
Rusty pigeon
by threedeckstew June 14, 2009

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