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An intimate relationship of common understanding and agreement among three individuals, usually where two persons are married or similarly bound; where individuals may be heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual; and, where all individuals remain faithful and exclusive to each other.
Unlike a ménage à trois, a closed loop relationship ("clr") is typically a long-term relationship that involves a third individual as a functioning, participating partner. Also unlike a ménage à trois, intimacy is not the sole motivation and serves as complement to the relationship. Individuals in a clr may live together, though this is not typical. At the fringes of a clr is the situation where one participant is a committed participant in another relationship, such as being married.
by thraipse July 22, 2010
A claim made by any individual who is knowingly HIV-positive and undergoing anti-retroviral therapy (ART), whereupon subsequent HIV tests reveal a comparatively low--iow, "undetectable"-- viral load (i.e., "level").
"Hey bro, tests show I'm an undetectable poz after two years on ART! Fuck these condoms! Back to Craigslist M4M!"
by thraipse April 22, 2015
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