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Lack of free-thought or free thinking; each and every political party in existence is too biased, countering out any form of mediocrity. To compromise is essential, because all parties have some of form of merit, regardless of how little or large.

When one view becomes too extreme on an issue, it turns everything into a black & white reference. Bullshit: nothing is completely black & white. In life, there is always a complex mixture hidden within to take that aspect out of focus and bring its meaning to completely different level.

If there is a right political party, it's taking into consideration every element of a certain stance, eliminating whichever viewpoint you dislike, and keeping the association of the group it pertains to completely away.

Yet, we vote based upon a political party and having to "choose" which size is the best fit, even though the size is one too large or too small.
Political Party:

Three major political parties are Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians.

Democrats are typically against execution, smoking, and smaller government, however are for abortion.

Republicans are all for execution, tend to be more for smoking, and love smaller government. They dislike abortion.

Libertarians advocate free personal choice which relates to the individual him or herself. The act to live one's life in whichever way they please, as long as they do not inflict upon the liberties of another.

^The most sound party, aside from intermediate.

The key here is to separate the identity of a view being in conjunction with some "group." Parties are a waste; there is no set way to do everything. It all depends on the situation and the individual's perception.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Seriously.
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by Thought February 02, 2010
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by thought August 29, 2012
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