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Gypsy's use this word to refer to childeren.
"Get your little chavvy's out of the road"
by thomgael August 09, 2003
Shortening of the word "tinceard" which is Gaelic for Tinsmith. Commonly used to describe Irish Travellers, although many now consider it an insult. People get confused between Gypsy's of Romany decent, and Irish Tinkers. Mainly because their so ignorant and born with a silver spoon in their mouths.
by thomgael August 09, 2003
"Gratch": Irish Traveller slang for a stopping place.
"Tan" in Romany slang means the same.
by thomgael August 09, 2003
A Non-Gypsy, House Dweller.
"He's only a Gorgei, leave him alone mush"
by thomgael August 09, 2003
Greeting term used by Romany Gypsies for fellow travellers.
used alot by wannabe gypsies.
"How you doin mush?"
by thomgael August 09, 2003
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