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This term is used to describe the genatalia of a female who either: a) experiences excessive vaginal discharge during intercourse. b) has very recently engaged in an aggressive coitus session. or c) has given birth at least once, to your surprise upon entry.
Wow, as skinny as Sara is, she sure has a huge floppy slop hole. She must have a half dozen illegitimates out there. I thought I was doing a 5 gallon bucket of water.
by thomaskincade May 21, 2010
A play-on-words to describe the small town in Utah, Pleasant Grove. This small Mormon community acquired this name because of a variety of reasons: a) The large number of children within the town's boundaries. B) The fact that there is nothing whatsoever for the large number of low/middle class teens to do except have unprotected sex, resulting in a large number of teen pregnancies per capita.
Hey man, these chicks at the University Mall aren't putting out for sheit. Lets head up to Pregnant Grove and get some easy tail.
by thomaskincade May 23, 2010

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