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The growth of a social gap between the the rich and the poor.
During the 1900's, an increase in immigration lead to extreme gapinization.
by Thomas February 09, 2004
An adjective describing an amount more than most.
1. Eun Joo, I love you mostestest!
2. I miss you mostestest!
by Thomas December 08, 2003
Some one who isnt a tru gangsta but not a wanksta
Uhhh yea ive shot a gun but never been shot
by Thomas April 28, 2003
when something goes really wrong
ohh snap! lets run like a bunch of felons.
by thomas February 18, 2005
brass knuckles!
Some nucka tried to toss game on my girls ass, so I turned em around to have his face meet my brass!
by Thomas April 20, 2004
Possibly run badly. The workers want to nick the sweets. Paul is really rude to the customers.
poor work need improvemnet
by thomas March 09, 2004
a sarcastic response that is given when someone says something stupid and deserves it
Person 1 : "Bro I think we should just forget smoking out of bowls and we should just start smoking out of apples."

Person 2: "Myea."
by thomas February 10, 2004

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