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beautiful,intelligent, has style
darling you r looking so Averil today
by Thomas March 18, 2005
Overlord is a unit (creature) in the game of Starcraft! Sometimes people call overlords ovies. It floats above everything else, and you cannot create other units if you dont have overlords.
Overlords can see invisible units and can also carry units from one place to another.

Sometimes people who are obsessed with Starcraft call their parents overlords. They are the higher than you, maybe thats why!
I can't create any lings coz I need to make more Overlords!

Dude that guy has mass Dark Templars in my base. Send your ovies fast.

Damnit my overlords grounded me again! I cannot play starcraft this weekend.
by Thomas July 05, 2004
End of the world as we know it. See also hell , destruction
Oh No! Death is here, he his bringing Armageddon!
by Thomas November 15, 2003
A good drink in Fiji.
I drank Kava.
by Thomas January 02, 2004

andrew:yo whats happenin thomas i see them new icecreams on your feet where you pick them up at?
pharrel-"see these icecubes see these icecreams"
by thomas December 04, 2004
-> Universal Media Disc
-> Ultimate Mini Disc
Roger: Hey, I've heard you've got a new PSP
Dirk: Yeah, it comes with a UMD game.
by Thomas March 28, 2005
Pengina is the part of the body of someone who has both penis and vagina which when put together make a "Pengina"
Stfu u stupid pengina lover!
by Thomas June 14, 2006

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