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1 definition by thishere93

some say he's responsible for the death of hip-hop.
he's got money, sold millions of albums, and has better similes in his rhymes than someone could put in an essay. his flow deserves more credit than it gets. i want to see all of you who diss weezy to come up with shit like his
Lil Wayne Similes, Lil Wayne Metaphors, Lil Wayne Flow
"Dog I got cake like everyday's my birthday."
"You know you give good brain like you graduated from a good school."
"Ya bitch on my pipe, she like a crack addict."
"We be poppin champagne like we won a championship game."
"I'm ballin like rawlings n spalding."
"I'm a beast, i'm a dog, i should rap with a muzzle."
"Peyton Manning flow, i just go no huddle."
"I'im a crazy ass star like a fuckin asterisk."
by thishere93 April 16, 2010