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also see break it down; hoop (it) up is another term for giving something to someone.
ex. Yo Hoop up the pussy bitch, or im gone
by thisguyyo April 30, 2006
When someone does something repeatedly in the hood.
That bitch be steppin' on ma kicks yettagwan
by thisguyyo June 22, 2009
when on the dance floor, getting your peice rubbed, if u go up the skirt and u get up it while dancing u have copped a feel, "on the dance floor"
mike - shit son u got that
me- on the dance floor,
mike- yo ure pro
me -on the dance floor
by thisguyyo April 28, 2006
When one, Monica, is gay, One named Moe trys to rewrite her wrongs by a quick smack in the face,and or teabag, getting hed or throwing it down on her dads car.
thus Rewriting Her Wrong
Monica- moe u have an iq of a monkey
Moe- Imma Rewrite Her Wrong by fucking a monkey
CHarlos- Owww ma g* ass yo
by thisguyyo May 14, 2006

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