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The lead guitarist/songwriter in the Seattle-based band Nevermore. Jeff Loomis is popular among guitarists who enjoy heavy, but not shitty music. Loomis uses 7-string guitars. He is endorsed by Schecter guitars and he has his own signature model, the C-7 Loomis. He also recently released his first solo album called Zero Order Phase. He is most known for his extremely fast sweep-picking, brutal technical riffing, and amazing song writing. Jeff Loomis will destroy any shitty metalcore guitarists in a heartbeat, so if you think Synyster Gaytes is better, you obviously have never heard Loomis play.
Greg: Dude, did you listen to Jeff Loomis' song Miles of Machines?

Paul: I got halfway through the intro and then I threw my guitar in the trash and smashed my fingers with a hammer.
by this is shit December 05, 2008

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