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27 definitions by this website is ruined

it means extra, not needed
examples of redundant statements:
gay homo
cold as ice
by this website is ruined November 14, 2005
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a married redneck

wed=to marry
that guy, who is a redneck, married another redneck. He is now a wedneck
by this website is ruined December 02, 2005
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(n) ebony+phonics=ebonics (language of blacks)
how the majority of blacks tamper with english. its not an official language but very widely known. its a fun alternative to boring english. like any language, ebonics has rules to follow. if you do not know them, you will look stupid trying to talk it or be lost when someone speaking ebonics adresses you
Here are rules for changing words:
1) for a word that has an ending pronounced 'ore' as in 'or' or 'more', remove to 'r' or 're' and add an apostrophe
2) for words with endings that are pronounced 'er' as in 'killer', remove the 'er' and add 'a', 'uh', or 'ah'(which is pronounced 'uh')
for plural words, do the same exept 'ers' as in 'killers' is replaced by 'uz' (pronounced uh-z) or 'az'(pronounced 'uz')
3) for words that end in 'ool', such as 'cool' or 'fool', get rid of the 'l' and add an apostrophe instead

1) store > sto'
for > fo'
your/you're > yo'
2) nigger > nigga, nigguh, niggah
niggers > niggaz, nigguz
3) cool > coo'
fool > foo'
That was a short lesson in ebonics
by this website is ruined September 16, 2005
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a type of bug or insect
i can't believe you morons don't know what a tick is! Damn it, society has really went down the drain. i won't be surprised if you assholes give my def. a thumbs down
by this website is ruined December 13, 2005
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Main Entry: ur·ban
Pronunciation: '&r-b&n
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin urbanus, from urbs city
: of, relating to, characteristic of, or constituting a city
the funny thing is, out of all the shit posted in this website, i have supplied what may be the ONLY DEFINITION out of millions and millions of retarted entries (that are NOT definitions) on a website called urbanDICTIONARY!!!
by this website is ruined September 21, 2005
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country rap, made possible and popularized by nelly, by combining country-like instrumentals and rapping in country slang
his most famous album: "country grammar": hick hop
by this website is ruined October 08, 2005
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