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4 definitions by thewinningsheen

To get sexual arousal from claiming to have found something first. A common practice among hipsters usually accompanying the topics of bands, movies, or PBR.
Michael totally originbated about the band, climaxing at the phrase, "they sold out" as others looked on in disgust.
by thewinningsheen August 16, 2011
When in the process of sexual intercourse, an indian man defecates on your head in a swirling pattern
Kishan was having the sex and gave his partner a curry turban
by thewinningsheen June 01, 2011
A rare skin condition where the body has a uncontrolled allergic reaction to clothing of any type. Victims of this strange disease are forced to wear the bare minimum; usually resorting to mere speedos.

Also see Taylor Lautner Syndrome
Due to his greg-zema, Greg was forced to run through the library with only a speedo on
by thewinningsheen May 05, 2011
Taking a crap in a swirling pattern on a females head during a sexual encounter to represent a traditional headdress.
"What's up guys. Totally curry turban'd this girl last night!" said Kishan while raising his hand for a high five.

(friends walk away)
by thewinningsheen July 26, 2011