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3 definitions by thewalter

1. The upper flab over a a woman's vagina also known as a FUPA (fat upper pussy area)

2. Excessive fat rolls partiality covering a woman's vagina that makes it hard to get access to.
will you look at this fat hanging from my belly, it turning into a Vagiggle Jaggle.
by thewalter August 30, 2012
What The Hell Is The Matter With U
Person 1: did you rememeber that you can get a free slurpee today?
Person 2: Not thank you, I dont want a slurpee...
Person 1:I did not say I was going to get you one, just to remind you that there free today "WTHITMWU"
by thewalter July 11, 2011
When a women goes out for the night, then uses the possibility of having sex and flirting to get all her drinks and dinner bought for her, flirting with her Vagina. Another term for using your Vagina.
Girl A: wow, your bill must have been expensive last night
Girl B: No, I just used the Company Credit Card to charge it...
by thewalter December 15, 2010