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just normal people. they are not better, or worse than anyone.
i am portuguese and i think people saying that they are better than anyone is just stupid.
by thethethe May 16, 2007
a way of showing that you are proud of a duck finaly swimming in a lake. (for some reason.)
quack quack! me: yes im proud of you! i love you, little duckling! hey, look mother! the duck swam in the lake!!!!!
by thethethe May 15, 2007
A kid who thinks they're hard, mostly Scottish and English chavs who think they're awesome by doing a trickshot to record and get famous like faze, but they fail mostly, they get around 301+ views because they refresh the page, and make fake accounts for subs. Most of them use cracked adobe programs or crappy you-tube editor because they can't afford. They moan at there mums for a recorder but not at their dad because they'll be like "fuck off." COD is not for nerdy asshole youtubers who think that their "sick". Grow up kids, play the 18+ games properly like real men. And yeah you scream like this when you hit a shot, "arrryes, sick mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (nerdyorgasms much). These youtubes I reaserched are it's ninja, Wacky Rumble, TrickShotzNetwork, KillcamsAndFeedsHD, CastTheatre, Parker Network, Pyrizm, and TheOhhZapp, who I found were people who just wanted to be youtube famous by using youtube editor, fake subs, and mostly no mics.
COD, Trickshooters.
by Thethethe December 03, 2013
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