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Mudworm: a long brown turd. mudworms are mostly indigenous to the dank confines of the cities sewers, but some time they can be spotted in the wild. sometimes they sit poised; curled on themselves like a frosty ice-cream cone, or a venomous snake ready to strike. It is not advised to pick up or handle these creatures- unless you are German, or two girls with one cup between you!
billy- hey guys, come check this out, I think it is a mudworm in the grass!

dillweed- no, timmy, dont touch it! eww, grody!
by thespecialedge February 02, 2011
re*JAVA*nate: when you re-load on your coffee. to refuel with caffeine. to re-energize. A play on the word: rejuvenate combining the term Java (another name for coffee) with the word rejuvenate.
the demise of the fine art of the skilled barista, styro-cups, and the compromise of art based coffee house culture are some of the many reasons I try not to re-javanate myself at corporate chains.
by thespecialedge January 05, 2011
Browning yourself:

#1 craping yourself. laying shit in your trousers. drop a loaf of shit in your pants.

#2 scared the crap out of yourself.

#3 so amazed you shit yourself.
ever had one of those times from out of nowhere you have to make a monster doo? I had one of those the other day while I was organizing boxes at my storage unit, and with no place to go I thought I was going to brown myself until I scavenged some napkins out of the taco sacks in my car, pulled the door shut on the unit and went to browntown in an empty moving box. talk about a moving experience.

Then, after busting a loaf I about browned myself again when the door on the unit wouldn't open. All I could imagine was the look on some chaps face in the morning when they show up and let me out with my box of deux.
by thespecialedge February 02, 2011
fibronic irrigation:

flossing out the undercarriage by consuming mass quantities of fiber and passing the massive chunks rectally. this may be followed by a yogurt enema.
I may not be a doctor, but I play one on tv; therefore I can prescribe a full fibronic irrigation to loosen up your innards with gusto. you'll be blowing pooberry stew in no time! just 5 bowls of horkins fiber chunks will have you dunking dunks in no time!
by thespecialedge February 02, 2011

taking a long shit.
man, after eating that burrito I was in brown town for an hour!

I had a throwdown in browntown while I was dropping some pooberry stew!
by thespecialedge February 02, 2011

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