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The (usually female) recipient of food in a feeder relationship. Feedees are also known as 'gainers' since most try to increase their weight through eating, and are fed by a feeder, who is usually male.
See entry for feederism
by therealrichieedwards November 02, 2004
Term usually used in lonely hearts columns and on the net to describe an oversized or large girl. There are specialised dating sites for those who prefer bigger girls. Most BBWs tend to be really cute, and don't have the attitude problems of thin girls, however most people think it's acceptable to diss bigger people. Get over yourselves - its every bit as ignorant as racismor homo-phobia.

Big Beautiful Woman
Big Bonny Woman
Big Buxom Wench
On TV and in beauty magazines, everyone over a size 8 is a BBW.
by therealrichieedwards September 21, 2004
Nondescript post-industrial redbrick town in the Midlands (UK), good football team, top countryside nearby. About 20 minutes from Birmingham which actually has cinemas, shops and good places to get pissed. Lots of skaters / alternative people & almost as many charvas to grief them relentlessley. Rotting factories & concrete 1960s shopping centers and tower blocks everywhere but hell, i still love it!
+'There's nothing to do in Kidderminster except go out and get wasted.'

-'Shall we go to Birmingham, go out & get wasted then?'

by therealrichieedwards May 01, 2004
A neighbourhood in Leeds (England).
Also a neighbourhood in Nottingham - but who cares about that one!
Beeston LS11 massive!!!
by therealrichieedwards November 09, 2004
All back to mine!
Post clubbing / party piss-up at a separate location, but involving at least some of those involved in the initial party.
All back to mine for the afterparty!?!
by therealrichieedwards June 02, 2004
Big Bonny Wench

A plump, buxom but cute girl
Oi wench!
by therealrichieedwards May 01, 2004

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