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A FUCKING GREAT RAPPER! who is commonly confused for being the best rapper alive, although incredibly lyrically talented, he is liked by the fucking ignorant white suburban teenagers who define urban dictionary. the same ignorant chodes who call Lil Wayne a shitty pop mainstream rapper. YOU DO REALIZE LIL WAYNE HAS HAD LIKE ONE SONG ON THE TOP 40 CHARTS LIKE EVER? Have you heard eminems new album? Rihanna? Pink? how more poppy mainstream can you get???!! and dont even mention this little bitch ass yungin called B.o.B. people say hes saved hip hop! the most mainstream thing on the planet. i live in DC and trust me NO REGULAR BLACK KIDS I KNOW LIKE HIM!
Lil Wayne is the bet rapper alive! his metaphors are out of this fucking world! too bad lolipop is some shit, maybe i should not be ignorant and listen to his good stuff on the internet. man i wish Eminem/Slim Shady/Marshall Mathers didnt go all pop on us. This B.o.B kid is a lil bitch!
by therealfukintruth September 20, 2010
A douche bag. likely a rascist; BUT TO THE OTHER KID WHO MADE A DEFINITION TO THIS:
fuck soulja boy and Flo Rida. but wtf do u know about lil wayne!?! ive heard all the eminem you talked about and the shits tight but in my opinion Lil Wayne is the fuckin best rapper alive! (lyrically, not musically) so ur the fuckin hater!!! i know lolipop is some shit but go on youtube and explore some lil wayne shit. if you find the right songs, his swag should reach out of the computer and smack you with its dick! respond if u got somthin to say.
eminem haters are retarded. but lil wayne haters are even worse!
by therealfukintruth November 17, 2010

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