3 definitions by theprivileges

Absolutely stunning.
A name given to something or someone who is incredibly beautiful.
Usually used to describe a fine ass woman.
You are a bloody gorgeous woman!!
by theprivileges April 06, 2005
A college forum that started in 2004 by three friends that went to different universities in florida.
College students come to this site to share information about classes, movies, campus news, and other stuff.
collegeattack.com is a decent forum where I go to play games and watch porn, i mean research for classes.
by theprivileges October 26, 2005
a. (n) someone who only has one leg
b. guy on a wheelchair that begs for money in Cutler Ridge. FL
"oh snap, roll up your window that unileg has mad eye contact with me, he is going to ask us for money."
by theprivileges May 10, 2006

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