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When you get so drunk you puke in the girl's box while eating her out.
Example 1: Eight beers, six shots, two lips and one New York Taco.

Example 2: I was hungry late-night, but I was so drunk that all I ended up with was a New York Taco.
by thepoodlebites February 24, 2009
A contiguous cumshot resembling a rope thrown from a boat. Typically thick in nature and impressive.
Dude, that Peter North sure can throw a rope.
by thepoodlebites February 25, 2009
Fire Taint is the painful, yet semi-erotic burning of the gludial cleft or taint. Inflammation, itching, burning, and possible bloodiness associated with irritation of the taint (aka - irri-taint), most commonly associated with over-wiping of one's ass. It may be caused by chaffing, rubbing vigourously without proper lubrication or a lack of grundle butter, especially after excercise or long walks combined with high temperatures and exceptionally wet and / or hot farts.
I had many beers and wings last night. Farted and sharted all day......now I have wicked fire taint and can't sit. My girl would not give me grundlatio, I am pissed.
by thepoodlebites February 24, 2009
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