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A professional basketball player from Argentina who regularly embarasses American players as a guard for the NBA San Antonio Spurs.

Being left-handed, very agressive, and unorthodox make Ginobili one of the most difficult players to defend in the NBA.
Wow!! Did you see that?? Manu Ginobili just took it to the hoop between three taller players and slammed it home!! How does he do it?
by ThePointe March 21, 2008
1.American actor and son of actor Lloyd Bridges. Jeff Bridges has received critical acclaim and Academy Award nominations for his varied roles in the many films which comprise his career thus far.

2."The Dude" in "The Big Lebowski". Bridges' performance in The Big Lebowski is so natural and effective it has become perhaps the most memorable of his acting career. To millions, he will forever be "The Dude", man.
The performances of Jeff Bridges and John Goodman in "The Big Lebowski" are classic and legendary.
by ThePointe March 21, 2008
Some unnecessary monthly payment from Medicaid or S.S.I. which is made purportedly for a disability suffered by the payee. Crazy checks usually go to people already receiving other public assistance checks who have become adept at milking the system for more.

Alarmingly, crazy checks are often approved for simple and common conditions such as a child (usually in a single-parent household) who can't behave in school.

Suprisingly, money from the crazy checks is rarely actually spent on anything associated with treatment of the supposed disability.
"If my son does bad enough on that standardized test at school, I might be able to get another Crazy Check!! Glory Hallelujah!!"
by ThePointe March 21, 2008
A descriptive word used by an individual when that individual notes a person or object of current popularity which to the individual does not appear to merit said popularity.
Country music singer Kenny Chesney is often associated with the term Overrated.
by ThePointe March 18, 2008
1) Term for a man witnessed holding his wife's purse while she shops.

2) A disorder afflicting males who accompany their wives or girlfriends on lengthy shopping excursions at shopping malls. The condition is diagnosed upon casual observation by the male's hanging head, forlorn look, and dragging feet. The condition improves rapidly upon exiting the mall or shopping area.
"Man, Fred was so mall whipped on Saturday! I saw him holding a purse and two Macy's bags while his wife was trying on shoes. He didn't see me. But I was laughing behind the lingerie."
by ThePointe March 18, 2008
A disorder afflicting otherwise healthy people which perverts their judgement and taste until they like the music of Kenny Chesney; thereby believing he is actually talented and a "star".

Aggressive treatment for the disorder is indicated: including forcing the victims to listen to hours of recordings by quality male country singers; then having them compare those recordings to that of Kenny Chesney.

Some respond to treatment, but the current success rate of agressive treatment is only about 25 percent. Sadly, the disorder is too advanced in many patients; and they continue to live with the mild dementia.
"My friend Mario is a victim of Chesneyism. When a Kenny Chesney song plays, he gets all pumped up and wants to open a Bud Light. He's hearing things that are not there ... "
by ThePointe March 19, 2008
A mild-mannered, diminutive singer of moderate talent who somehow caught the proverbial Lucky Train and got a record deal; then somehow after years of exposure became perceived as actually talented and a against all odds became a "star" in Country music.

Mr. Chesney is known for his hard work and for releasing one forgettable song after another with his careful, monotone delivery. His vocal style is known for being devoid of passion or emotion. But he is most known in more recent years for his signature "lick" of dropping the last word of a lyrical line to "talk" it.

Many attempts to explain his success have come up short. But one reviewer came close by simply citing "The Emporer's New Clothes."
Kenny Chesney shows his lack of talent in the song "Another Beer In Mexico" or 80% of his other recordings.
by ThePointe March 17, 2008

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