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Synonym for "fancy" as well as the vauge representation for any body part as it is highly interchangable; rhymes with chinese
It plirks my geeblies, when you do it like that.
by thepanicbutton December 09, 2004
Originated by J.R. - It takes the form of a univeral adjective, and a univeral noun for emphasis whether it be postive or negative. It's can be used to replace profanity and it is also, in some places descriptive to a state of mind. It is relative to the extrema of the coordinating spectrum.
That's a bunch of bayoo! It was a bayoo sandwich!
by thepanicbutton December 12, 2004
J.R. - Universal advective or noun. Pronounced in a deep voice (men) and women must pronounce "Bayoo" with a elongated long "O" sound
Your hair is bayoo; It was a real bayoo day, full of bayoo this and bayoo that. Bayoo Tags Inc.
by thepanicbutton December 17, 2004
Adj. Derived from the work "quirk", but used in the context describing the fufillment of the quirks or fetishes.
This plirks my geeblies
by thepanicbutton December 09, 2004
A division of Oceania including scattered islands of the central and southern Pacific Ocean roughly between New Zealand, Hawaii, and Easter Island. The larger islands are volcanic, the smaller ones generally coral formations. It's inhabitants are unruly, and are often refered to as "The Tiki People". One common misconception of them is that they are normal Oceanic people, however, this is not the case. Polynesians wear grass skirts and each possess at least one skullcapped staff, as it is thier tradition. They throw rocks and bones at each other around the nightly campfires, and peirce thier bodies with the aformentioned objects. Polynesians never lose thier instinctual behavior, as it is scientifically proven to be carried down even into the 50th generation of Polyneisans, even when the individual possessed only one ancestor with Polynesian descent.
You are a Polynesian Tiki kid, stop waving that staff around me Brittany.
by thepanicbutton February 22, 2005

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