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The excess abdominal fat stored by a person whose financial and transportation situation induces them to subsist primarily off of convenience store snacks.
Nick acquired a 7-Eleven Gut after a semester of living next to a convenience store and working minimum wage.
by TheOxfordComma November 24, 2013
A person who frequently dreams about having sex with people.
- Damn, I slept with Matt and Jason in my dream last night!
- You are such a dream slut.
by theoxfordcomma August 06, 2013
When a person wakes up in the morning, feels well rested, yet goes back to sleep anyways because sleeping is amazing.
- Hey where's Sara? Isn't she meeting us for breakfast?
- No, she's a total sleep glutton, she won't be up for hours.
by theoxfordcomma September 01, 2012
The act of unknowingly walking behind someone who is cropdusting such nasty fumes that your eyes begin to water.
- Were you crying?
- Naw, I was just walking the trail of tears behind Big Joey.
by theoxfordcomma July 29, 2013
Literally Laughing Out Loud; since LOL is often overused and rarely indicative of audible laughter, LLOL is here to take back the original meaning
tim: whats brown and sticky
tom: idk
tim: a stick
tom: LLOL
by theoxfordcomma January 22, 2015

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