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a type of person that only listens to and downloads the overplayed new hits on certain radio stations
"What radio stations do you listen to?"
"I only listen to Q102."
"The station that overplays songs?"
"Yeah it's the best!"
"Oh so you're a mainstreamist?"
"What's that?"
by theoriginalallison December 05, 2008
When an actor that was in a movie is then requested for a movie starring a friend of the lead actor in the previous movie.
Jay Baruchel(Knocked Up) experienced an actor pass when he was requested for Tropic thunder on behalf of Seth Rogen's friends Jack Black and Ben Stiller.
by theoriginalallison December 05, 2008
directors that hire the same actors sometimes for every movie
Seth Rogen in Anchorman and Knocked Up was an actor-director package deal.
by theoriginalallison December 05, 2008
Actors and actresses that give cameos/roles to their friend actor even if they are paid well.
The Frat Pack: Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, and Steve Carrell are acting buddies because they are often seen in each others movies---except for Owen they all appeared in Anchorman
by theoriginalallison December 05, 2008

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