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When you pull up on a N64 cartridge while playing without pulling it too much is cartridge tilting. Many things can happen. Note: It can be done by an emulator by loading a game you wont tilt, then load a game you do want to tilt. Same shit will happen. Sometimes, it will crash.
For example:
The sound will become staticy.

Glitch-like things will happen.

When cartridge tilting Goldeneye, the characters will turn into turning human balls (well not exactly).

When you cartridge tilt Yoshi Story in the beginning, the letters will change weirdly, and their eyes sometimes look like they're hypnotized.
#n64 #cartridge #tilting #tilt #weird #wow
by themuffinking December 31, 2008
One of the GAYEST shows ever made! DO NOT WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An 8-year old retard watches Fairly Oddparents all the time.
#fairly #odd #parents #timmy #wanda #cosmo #fucking #gay #tv #show
by themuffinking December 31, 2008
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