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2 definitions by thelonesith

A non-alcoholic hangover happens when someone has not eaten all day or has very foolishly consumed a large cup of coffee then taking a standard dose of dayquil, resulting in a headache that resembles a hangover.
John Doe: I have such a throbbing headache.

Jane Doe: Why?

John: I have a terrible cold and I took some medicine after I had my morning cup of coffee.

Jane: You have a non-alcoholic hangover.

John: Sure feels like one.
by thelonesith December 16, 2009
The practice of drinking a beer (from a longneck bottle), then drinking a wine cooler, Finally finishing it off with another beer.

1. Drink your favorite beer from a glass bottle. 2. Then Consume, what some may say is a girly drink, i.e. a bottle of Bartel's And James. 3. Finally, Drink another bottle of beer. Hence the term "Longneck Threesome"
by TheLoneSith June 08, 2010