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3 definitions by thehunger

The act of taking a shit in a bidet. Usually done by American tourists in European countries who come back to their hotel rooms drunk off their ass.
I made sure to leave an extra large tip for the cleaning lady because I had accidentally gone number 3 the night before.
by thehunger August 24, 2007
1) A creature that may be seen by someone who is fished. It can be described as a mixture of an octopus and a cactus/palmtree.
Matt: Dude, it's a cactapuss!
Mike: Where?
Matt: In the tree, man!
Mike: Where in the tree?
Matt: Dude....it IS the tree!
by thehunger August 24, 2007
To be extremely high, or to act like you are high due to exhaustion.
Dude, I was so fished last night that I saw a cactapuss
by thehunger August 24, 2007