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2 definitions by thegriceisright

The belief that Sheffield, England is actually the true north pole of the planet, enabling people from Sheffield to call everybody else in the world Southerners (a foul slur indeed).
Me: Newcastle? Filthy Southerner!
Geordie: But we're way more north than you!
Me: You've never heard of Sheffield North, then
by thegriceisright May 03, 2010
A term given to people who constantly complain about how things in life should change, but don't do anything about it, such as getting off their arse and protesting about it. From a mix of the words complain and campaign.
Steve was complaigning about the erosion of civil liberties in the UK, and that we should all do something about it! After the next pint.
by thegriceisright August 10, 2009