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There is no such thing as getting a GED and no state awards anything called a "GED" or a general equivalency diploma or degree. The GED acronym is frequently misused to mean “general education degree” or "general education diploma,” when in fact the GED brand was developed as a trademark to identify the “tests of general educational development,” a term coined by the American Council on Education, the owner of the GED trademark, in the 1940’s to identify a battery of tests that measure proficiency in science, mathematics, social studies, reading and writing. Passing the GED test gives those who did not complete high school the opportunity to earn their high school credential, but no state awards a GED per se.
After dropping out of high school years ago, I am now preparing to pass the GED test and receive my high school equivalency credential so that I can go to college.
by thegreatemancipator January 22, 2013
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