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An expression of wonder and disbelief at something that just happened that defies common expletives.
You laptop breaks for the 8th time this week, during midterms, when you were almost done with two papers and have to restart both of them several hours before they're due. You also have had no sleep and your plans to get schwasted the night before were thwarted by the technological failures of the week and you end up collapsing from exhaustion at 6:30 am after working all night only to lose all progress. The next morning, you wake up and head to your chemistry class only to fall asleep outside of the classroom and wake up after the class is over. After class ends, you still have to finish your papers. As you sit down to finish your paper, you find that your laptop broke again. Your response is to scream "HOLY SHIT FUCKERY!"
by thegoddamnroommates October 31, 2011

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