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A thought said in the inner-thoughts of a horny young man when dreaming of an older woman.


i cant answer whens she asks me questions in class.. im just thinking mmmmmmmm milfamuffaaaliciouuuuus!"

by thegamewinner December 26, 2009
a term used by a flux gentlemen when talking to a close friend or loved one. As if to say that this person is so awesome that youd be proud for them to be your mother.
zuuup motherfluxer your looking fluxed of your face motherflux
by thegamewinner December 27, 2009
Is a fluxus being who attracts all the ladies, no-one can resist ayrist charms. He is often cock-blocked though by johnson.
woah look he is such an ayre so cool so smooth i want him and his crazy fluxus ways
by thegamewinner August 29, 2009
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