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An online that Disney has done to promote Tinkerbelle and her friends allowing to you Play as a fairy in the magical land of Pixie Hollow though it sounds fun it is where girls between the ages of 8 and 11 go into bitch training talking bad to each other about their fairy's style or other trivial things.
Example 1:
My little sister plays Pixie Hollow way too much!

Example 2:
Mom - of you don't go and do your homework then you are grounded off Pixie Hollow!

Example 3:
One kid to another on Pixie Hollow - Your Fairy is ugly
The other kid - *cries*

Example 4:
Stare at the wall its more productive then playing Pixie Hollow.
by thebrownsound1234 January 11, 2010
when something is something is so trailer trash it isn't even funny.
Do you see that woman's mullet its totally trailerlicious.
by thebrownsound1234 November 30, 2009
the involuntary act of taking a shit when there is work to be done
Example 1:
Wife: Come help me clean the kitchen
Husband: *runs off to the bathroom*
Wife to son: Whats up with your Dad and his Lazyria?

Example 2:
How come some people have lazy pains and other people have lazyria?
by thebrownsound1234 November 28, 2009

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