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a misconception held by many of high socioeconomic status, primarily white suburban residents regarding the first two lines of the song, "Forgot About Dre."
*16 year old high school student driving parent's mercedes benz singing along*
Y'all know me, still the same ol' G. With a pillow key. Hated on by most these niggas with no cheese.
by theblackthunder August 11, 2012
(Noun.) A piece of fecal matter containing a warm semen filling closely resembling the similarly titled cream-filled caramel candy.
The dexterous use of the man's penis into another's asshole produced a high-quality Cow Tale, hot off the line.
by theblackthunder September 12, 2014
(Verb.) The act of pulling one's pants, underpants, bottoms, leggings, etc. low enough to expose a mass of pubic hair resembling steel wool, or similar kitchen and dish cleaning materials.
"I thought he wanted me to suck his dick, but he ended up flipping a scrub brush in my face."
by theblackthunder September 04, 2014

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