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3 definitions by thebigred14

Fuck you!
Ben: How come you broke up with that girl you were dating?
Jeff: I found out she was banging her boss so I just gave her the Cee Lo Green treatment and told her to fuck off.
by thebigred14 June 21, 2011
A European handshake
When you go to Europe, make sure you ask for a handjob when greeting somebody. It's the standard way to say hi.
by thebigred14 May 01, 2011
1. Something white boys don't understand
2. Let's GOOOO
Me: Yo i'm headed to that party tonight... heard it's gonna be banging
Black Friend: Yeahhh word bruh. LEGGO
Me: Yeahh buddy LEGGO
White Friend: Yeah i'm going too... but what the fuck does Lego have to do with it?!??!
by thebigred14 May 04, 2011