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Pink Floyd tripping is when you either get stoned with or without someone and play an album of pink floyd for the purpose of tripping out, you play the whole album through and fly through time and space
Teacher: Johnny take those headphones out of your ears now!
Johnny: .........wwwaaaaa.......what?!!!!!!
Teacher: Take those headphones out of your ear!
Johnny: go eff yourself teacher I'm pink floyd trippin
by theanswer2.0 October 04, 2010
Something that is "Bucket" and disgusting mixed in one
the words "shit", "fart" and "nasty" combine to make "sharsty"
Timophey: yo bud, what the fuck is that greasebag doing?
jeremy: WHAT THE FUCK!!!?....He's jerking it on that person's car door!
Timophey: What a sharsty fucker!!!!!!
by theanswer2.0 September 24, 2010
South-east Asian folk of mixed Asian, Polynesian, aboriginal origin mixed to make the people of the Philippines. They are known for having women with tight pussies, men with tiny dicks and possess an overall egotistical view that the world revolves around their relatively tsunami torn country. On Christmas it is common to find a Filipino family breaking into your house and trying to steal your dog so that they may have a Christmas dinner.
Mr Thomas: Honey what are those flips doing in our home
Mrs Thomas: John you better go grab the gun, the Filipino neighbours are trying to steal the dog for their Christmas dinner.
by theanswer2.0 October 03, 2010

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