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an affectionate term, used to refer to one's significant other, after particularly good sex, or sex act.
(To gf/wife) That blow job was incredible, you're my favorite porn star.

(To bf/husband) You fucked me like a racehorse, you're my favorite pornstar.
by the_carrot September 11, 2007
An event you invite someone you truly hate to. During which you get said (male) drunk, or via force, tie them to a chair, and use a hammer to smash their nuts to a bloody pulp.
me - Yo, you see that guy over there?
you - yeah I see him.
me - he raped my sister, lets invite him to a hammer party
by the_carrot September 11, 2007
Snubbing or being mean to the opposite sex for no real reason, Usually done by younger people.
high schooler #1 - Yo bitch! You're so dumb, I hate you!
high schooler #2 - Why did you say that? She's nice.
high schooler #1 - I don't know, I just hate her, she's a bitch.
high schooler #2 - What are you doing, practicing to become gay?
by the_carrot September 11, 2007
short for butt fucked. Used to refer to a bad situation.
That dude thought he was tough, but I bufued that dude.

That test really bufued me.
by the_carrot September 11, 2007

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