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a broken ass couch that harbors moochers and bums; a bed for a douche bag with no job or place to live;
Mooching uncle: I'm goin' to bed!

Richard: Shut the hell up...

Mooching uncle: Your jealous.

Richard: Of your hobo couch? Please.
by the-man-onion February 03, 2010
a city along the Gulf Coast that is full of hurricane food; the tell tale signs include: insufficient levees, altitudes below sea level, and crime reports that show an increase of theft just after a hurricane strikes
Robert Stack from Unsolved Mysteries: Just months before Katrina...

Jack: Honey, where would you like to go on vacation?

Jill: New Orleans sounds fun...

Robert Stack: But the reviews on Expedia.com neglected to mention that New Orleans is hurricane bait and that months later, they would become nothing but hurricane food.
by the-man-onion February 03, 2010
a poor African-American from the south-eastern part of the United States who enjoys "looting" and disobeying government orders.
News reporter (Earl): Live from New Orleans, we go to our roaming anchor, Chip.
Chip: Yes, Earl, as you can see here, hurricane Katrina ate well in the city. However, she didn't eat jambalaya. Rather, she had looters and ignorant black people who blame George Bush for their problems.
Earl: Ah, yes... I imagine she had a buffet of hurricane food.
by the-man-onion February 03, 2010

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