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A burning sensation inside to get rly drunk and go on a bender with the lads.

When you just wana get drunk like its friday, regardless of what day it is.
When you drink a beer after work and suddenly realise you want to keep drinking all night and party, like wow ive got the friday feeling

When friday morning comes around and you know you have one day of work left until you can get smashed and use it as an excuse to pull that chubby girl with no teeth.
by the zurich ninja 01 August 03, 2011
Motorboating: when a person sticks there head intbetween a womans cleavage and blows hard creating the sound of a motorboat whilst knocking his head against each boob.

The gravy motorboat is where you cover her chest in gravy and motorboat
Guy 1:Hey rachel how do u fancy a gravy motorboat.

Rachel G T: I would love a gravy motorboat, but only if its oxo chicken stock, i dont want any of that beef flavour
by the zurich ninja 01 August 03, 2011
A woman or person who is very nice to look at and quite meaty.
Check out that beefpot over there with the rack

wow your birds a beefpot

Sam b: That girl is such a beefpot
Dan k: Yeah i wana take her back to estonia to meet the family.
by the zurich ninja 01 August 03, 2011
A form of great confusion, more than normal confusion.
Your willtwizzing me up.

I feel so willtwizzd

This is really willtwizzing home skillett

How the willtwizz did you do that
by the zurich ninja 01 August 02, 2011

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